Our team

Ieva PalubeckaitÄ— PhD (Founder)

Ieva founded AKIN solutions in 2022 after succesfully developing a novel method for molecular imaging of chiral molecules. Although mass spectrometry imaging analysis is historically focused on the pharmaceutical industry she believes that there are many useful applications of the method still left unexplored. AKIN solutions is therefore always ready for analytical challenges from any industry.

She has years of experience in method development for molecular imaging of a variety of materials and molecular groups. She completed her PhD at Sheffield Hallam University in 2018, followed by multiple post-docs in the Netherlands enveloping pathology, oncology, advanced cell culture, microbiology and mass spectrometry imaging between 2017 to current day. 

Ieva is passionate about developing new analytical methods capable of providing novel, useful information to industries where data can guide product development.


Rob Steenbrink (Online Marketing)

Rob is a true entrepeneur and an expert in marketing.  He founded the succesful full-service online marketing company Maxlead in 2002 as well as the real estate management company StoneMax. AKIN solutions benefit from his extensive marketing and entrepeneur expertise in his role as an advisor.

Florian Barré PhD (Business Development)

Florian has a vast amount knowledge in molecular imaging solutions and business development. He obtained a PhD in the application of mass spectrometry imaging for analysis of biological tissue (cancer research and rheumatology), focused on small molecules and drugs. After initially working as a business development role at ImaBiotech for over two years he is now a Senior Regional Account Manager for Nanostring Technologies Inc. His knowledge and experience in the Spatial-Omics market are invaluable for AKIN solutions in his role as advisor.


Gerard van de Meent (Automotive Consultancy)

Gerard operates in the automotive landscape already for two decades. His commercial career started in the Netherlands and after 10 years he covered the EMEA region in working via WIZZCAR.COM. Gerard has had multiple exciting engagements with bespoken International Industry leaders and has an extensive professional automotive network. His estblished network and knowledge of the automotive industry are essential to AKIN solutions in his role as advisor.


AKIN solutions team of experts is expanding. Watch this space!